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Perfect Serve


  • Special cut decoration creates a unique light refraction, perfectly showcasing the drink
  • Platinum Glass technology increases durability, reducing operator replacement glassware cost
  • Independently verified to resist scratching, markings, loss of brilliance or change in color after 1,500 dishwasher cycles

Insights & Solutions:

Designed by internationally award-winning mixologist Stephan Hinz, Perfect Serve is designed to cater to the needs and demands of a modern bar, with each glass expertly sized to accommodate every cocktail and beverage. Perfect Serve unites functionality with timeless elegance. Old Fashioned and DOF glasses feature a large opening, perfectly accommodating large ice spheres or cubes The 8 ounce Longdrink is great for serving small cocktails and doubles as a juice glass.

New Additions in Pic

(In order left to right)


8 1/2 oz Champagne


2 3/4 oz. Espresso and Shot


10 1/4 oz. Highball


5 1/2 oz Cocktail Glass


7 oz. Nosing Glass

To order Samples or place an Order use #s below

No. 4508008
8 oz


Old Fashioned
No. 4508017
9 1⁄4 oz

No. 4508016
12 1⁄2 oz


No. 4508012
8 oz

No. 4508019
11 3⁄4 oz


Stirring Glass
No. 4500152
21 1⁄2 oz

Today’s vintage style glassware is anything but old. The retro-inspired look of Perfect Serve’s cut-glass design is stunning, enduring and on trend with today’s drinks. And with a full spectrum of glassware styles and sizes, this collection is a must have for the sophisticated, statement-making beverages on your drink menu.

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