Nachtmann Punk

Nachtmann Punk

The latest barware look from Nachtmann celebrates PUNK!

 Features and Benefits: 

  • Brilliant and clear crystalline
  • Shatters the classic idea of crystal
  • Whisky, Longdrink and Cocktail provide coordinated beverage presentation
  • Platinum Glass technology increases durability, reducing operator replacement glassware cost
  • Independently verified to resist scratching, markings, loss of brilliance or change in color after 1,500 dishwasher cycles

From NEXTGEN student/creator Anke Bachmann: The cheekily abrasive PUNK is unlike anything seen before in glass, and coincides with the 40th anniversary of Punk culture. The series dusts off the concept of traditional crystal homewares and marks its continued evolution into a modern and functional product. “In keeping with the Punk movement, I wanted to rebel and break with the norm,” Anke explains. “Designing a set of barware featuring areas that break out from the normal shape of the vessel, I broke out of the ordinary. My punk attitude shattered the classic idea of crystal.”

To order Samples or place an Order use #s below

Item # N99576 11.75 oz. Tumbler
H 4” T 3 1/4” B 2 3/4” D 3 1/2”

Item # N99578 9 13.25 oz. Longdrink
H 5 7/8” T 3 1/4” B 2 3/8” D 3 1/8”

Item # N99577 7.75 oz. Cocktail
H 4 5/8” T 5 1/8” B 1 5/8” D 5 1/8”

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