What forms of payment does Southwest Glassware accept?

We accept Cash, Check, and Credit Card (Visa, Master Card & Now American Express)


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Can Southwest Glassware keep my credit card on file?

If you prefer we can keep your credit card on file. Many of our customers prefer we keep their credit card on file.

It saves time when you are placing your order and it ensures that you don’t have to be at your location to accept your order. Since your order is essentially pre-paid the driver can leave your order with any member of your staff.

To add this option please contact customer service at: (800) 888-0556 and ask them to fax you the appropriate form for you to fill out and fax back.

***Please note we NEVER keep any credit card information on file electronically. To prevent any credit card information from being hacked***

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I own a chain of restaurants and need to set up deferred payment for accounting purposes. Can Southwest Glassware offer me a net?

First let me say there is an exception to every rule. We are a COD company.  Majority of our chains pay by corporate Credit Cards we keep on file.  As do many of our National accounts.

Even though majority of our customers are COD, we do however offer select customers a net. Let customer service know how often you company does accounts payable and they will do their absolute best to work with you.

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How fast can I get my order Delivered?

That Depends on your location.

Tucson, AZ – Same Day Delivery (Monday-Friday)
Phoenix, AZ – Next Day Delivery (Tuesday-Saturday)
Southern AZ – Same Week (Thursdays)
San Diego, CA – Same Week Delivery (Wednesday) Need it tomorrow? Click me!
Los Angeles, CA – Same Week Delivery (Wednesday) Need it tomorrow? Click me!
Nationwide – Often ships out Same Day

Please view our full delivery schedule for more details and cut off times.

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Is there a minimum for Delivery?

Yes there is in most cases. However you will find we have some of the lowest minimums in the industry.

Tucson, AZ – $49
Phoenix, AZ – $49
Southern AZ – $49
San Diego, CA – $149
Los Angeles, CA – $499
Nationwide – N/A

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What if I can’t meet the minimum?

We can Ship your product out to you via Fed-Ex. You will be responsible for the Fed-EX charges, though.

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Is there any delivery fees?

For over 30 years we have offered free delivery to our delivery areas. But with the increase of Fuel and shipping charges from the Manufacture we now have a small Trucking fuel surcharge from factory. The Trucking fuel surcharge from factory is per delivery. If you place multiple orders to be delivered the same day you will only receive one fee for you entire order. As you’ll find below the fee is Minuscule.

Tucson, AZ – $5 trucking fuel surcharge from factory
Phoenix, AZ – $5 trucking fuel surcharge from factory
Southern AZ – $5 trucking fuel surcharge from factory
San Diego, CA – $6 trucking fuel surcharge from factory
Los Angeles, CA – $9 trucking fuel surcharge from factory
Nationwide – $5 trucking fuel surcharge from factory + cost of shipping via Fed-Ex or Shipping Co.

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Will Southwest Glassware increase stock of an item for me?

If it is a Libbey Glass hands down the answer is YES!  On everything else it doesn’t hurt to ask.  So far we haven’t refused.

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If the item I’m looking for is not in stock how fast can I get it delivered?

We do our best to keep each of our customer’s usage items in stock, however occasionally we may need to back order an item. If we do we will give you the ETA on when we will have your item delivered.

Majority of the time when we have to back order an item it is already on a semi on its way to our warehouse. If that is the case you can expect your delivery within a few days.

If we have to add the item to an order the ETA will vary. We get semi shipments of Libbey in every week and World China/Flatware every 10 days. Other manufactures very depending on need.


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Southwest Glassware is known for being having the largest stock of Libbey Glass, but do you stock other items?

Yes. We maintain the largest stock of World Tableware China in our area, the most popular Flatware Patterns, Dishwashing/Storage Racks, Disposable and Reusable Plastics, Spiegelau and Nachtmann and can special order in Products From Vollrath, Luigi Bormioli, Orion glassware and select products from G.E.T. Plastics.

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Why should I buy from Southwest Glassware?

There are many benefits to buying from Southwest Glassware!!!

We maintain one of the Largest Stocks of Libbey Glassware in America!

We will increase our stock of any glass – To assure the fastest possible delivery

A knowledgeable & Friendly Customer Service Team

Quick and easy ordering by phone, fax or email

Easy payment options including Cash, Check, Credit
Card (Visa, Master Card & Now American Express)

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I’m opening a new place and I’m not sure about the products or quantities I should order?

If you are located in the Southern AZ or Southern California a sales person can come directly to your location and help you choose the appropriate quantities for your new location. You can contact your representative directly at:

D’Ana Schweinberg (Tucson/Phoenix/National)
Cell: (520) 409-4160
Email: d@southwestglassware.com

Kevin Stellbrink (San Diego/Los Angeles/Hawaii/Guam)
Cell: (925) 984-9721
Email: kstellbrink@southwestglassware.com

But no matter where you are located you can contact Sales and they can assist you over the phone, email and UPS you out FREE samples.  Our sales reps help restaurants open NATIONWIDE.

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Does Southwest Glassware really stock every single item in the Libbey Glassware Food Service Catalog?

YES!!! We believe our level of customer service and fast delivery is what sets us apart from our competitors. To insure the fastest possible delivery we believe maintaining a minimum stock of every item in Libbey’s Food Service Glass line is a necessity.

Of course each items minimum stock does very. Some glasses are extremely popular and we must maintain a stock in the hundreds to thousands of cases.  Other items we maintain 3 cases since they are rarely bought.

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How do I get samples?

Samples of Libbey Glass, Spiegelau Glass World Chinaware & Flatware are FREE!  Just email your representative directly and let them know which item numbers you would like to see with all your contact information. There is never a charge for samples –  Even shipping is FREE.

D’Ana Schweinberg(Tucson/Phoenix/Southern Arizona/National)
Cell: (520) 409-4160
Email: d@southwestglassware.com

Kevin Stellbrink (San Diego/Los Angeles/Hawaii/Guam)
Cell: (925) 984-9721
Email: kstellbrink@southwestglassware.com

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Glass – Does Libbey offer a Chippage Guarantee on any of their Glasses?

Yes.  Most Libbey Stemmed glasses come with a chippage gaurantee on the rim. And some of the stemless as well – please refer to the catalog

Look for these symbols in the Libbey Glassware Catalog to know which glasses come with 100%  money back guarantee on unsightly chippage.
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Glass – My staff is breaking a lot of glass. Is there anything I can do to prevent breakage?

First you should check out Libbey’s handling guide

Improved handling means less breakage and damage, which translates into higher productivity and lower incidences of injury and accidents.

Also you may want to look into Libbey’s DuraTuff lines. They have an Increased Resistance to Thermal and Mechanical Shock.

If you need further assistance please contact sales they can have a Libbey rep come out to see if there is a defect or pin point the cause.

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China – How do I prevent Breakage or Chipping?

Breakage and chipping are the result of mechanical shock caused by improper use.

Take care to avoid using metal trays and improper racks.

Overloading of bus boxes and dish racks, as well as piling heavy items on lighter items, stacking china too high, nesting cups, and using other china or metal utensils to scrape dishes can all cause strain on commercial dinnerware.

Other causes of breakage include high water pressure in dishwasher, lack of rubber guards on disposal unit or dishwasher, and lack of protective matting on floor in dishwashing area.

And Great News we now offer a 5 year chippage guarantee on World China

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China – How do I prevent scratches, metal marking and excessive glaze wear?

Scratches and metal marking can result from many of the same causes as breakage and chipping, especially the use of improper metal trays, boxes, and racks.

Scratches and excessive glaze wear can also occur by scouring china with metal pads, steel wool or abrasive cleansers; stacking hot, wet china; infrequent cleaning of stainless steel dish tables; and overworking china because of inadequate inventory.

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China – How do I prevent Stains or discoloration?

Unattractive stains and discolorations can be caused by inattention to cleaning procedures such as allowing
china to remain unwashed after use, pre-soaking in water over 160°, improper detergent concentrations, hard
water or iron content, lime content in old equipment, and clogged or eroded spray nozzles.

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Racks – I have dishwashing racks from another manufacturer, how do I know which Traex version will match?

f your rack is manufactured by:
Amco, Cambro, Carlisle, Raburn, or Vollrath
Go to Traex easy to use Rack Finder at:


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Racks – Why should I buy Traex racks?

Traex offers a patented design that is NSF approved.

Traex racks are specifically engineered for Big Savings!

17-30% greater rack capacity saves you time and energy

100% vertical glassware protection and fewer wash cycles add up to less glass breakage

You’ll get cleaner glassware with a faster drying time

Stackable with Snap-fit extenders

And made with High-quality co-polymer plastic and Reinforced index strips (4-way tracking)

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Racks – What dishwashing rack do I need for my glassware?

If your glass is manufactured by:

Libbey, Anchor, Cardinal, Oneida, or SchottZwiesel
If you know the item # go to Traex’s easy to use Rack Finder at:

If you don’t know the item # for your glass download Traex Catalog it has a glass rack guide to help you choose the proper rack.

Customer Service will also be able to assist you at: (800) 888-0556

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Flatware – Care & Cleaning Advice

While stainless steel is highly resistant to stain and corrosion, even the finest alloys will suffer if corrosive food chemicals are not removed by proper soaking, washing and rinsing procedures. Careful handling will prolong the life and luster of your stainless steel tableware.


Stainless should be pre-soaked immediately following its removal from the table. Use a pre-soak compound recommended by the manufacturer of your detergent. It is very important that you use only a plastic or stainless steel pan for pre-soaking. NEVER USE AN ALUMINUM PAN. Aluminum frees the chlorine present in most pre-soak compounds, and causes discoloration of stainless steel.

Take particular care in removing all remnants of lemon, vinegar, butter, ice cream, cheese, milk and table salt from stainless items directly after use. These foods can cause corrosion if they‘re left too long.

Do not use a pre-soak solution containing silver detarnishing agents. These products cause severe corrosion to stainless.

Be sure that the stainless does not remain in the pre-soak solution too long before it is washed. After pre-soaking, wash your stainless in hot water and a good cleaning agent. Select your cleaning agent with great care, making sure there are no abrasive or corrosive qualities. Stainless steel should be thoroughly dried immediately after washing.

Polishing stainless occasionally is a good idea, but not a necessity. Polish stainless items with a mildly abrasive powder mixed with neutral soap flakes. Then rinse pieces in hot water and dry them well.


The clean stainless should then be rinsed in water of at least 180 degrees. A wetting agent may be added to the rinse to prevent minerals in water from staining your tableware. Should you have very hard water, a softener is recommended


Perforated cylinders in a portable rack-suitable for sink or dishwasher use make it possible to wash, transport and dispense stainless with a minimum of handling. In a system where tableware is washed and stored in the same cylinder, the stainless should be sorted into the cylinders utensil side down to prevent hand contamination after cleaning. In a system where the tableware is transferred from cleaning cylinder to a storage cylinder by inversion, it should be sorted in the cleaning cylinder utensil side up, so that it will eventually be stored utensil side down.


If you are using a low –temp or chlorine bath type dishwashing system, take great care in following the manufacturer’s instructions. An over concentration of sodium hypochlorite (Bleach), the active sanitizing agent of these systems, will attack most metal tableware, improper use, or faulty equipment functioning, will cause staining or corrosion of even the finest stainless steel.

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Flatware – How do I prevent Corrosion?

Corrosion in flatware occurs when chlorides in food, dissolve and attack silver plating and stainless steel, permanently damaging their surfaces.

Corrosion can result from several factors — the use of improper containers and compounds used for cleaning and storage, dirty presoak solutions, extra-long presoak times, and incorrect washing and drying procedures.

Water and cleaning solutions can break down the flatware’s protective oxide layer,
and extended exposure to moisture increases the risk of rust.

Tableware should never remain soiled overnight. Presoaking is recommended, after which it should be immediately washed in high temperatures — NOTE: Low temperatures or chlorine baths will attack silver and metal.

To prevent corrosion and film build-up, flatware must be rinsed thoroughly and dried immediately after rinsing.

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Flatware – How can I prevent Tarnishing and buildups?

To keep flatware looking new, a regular detarnishing and burnishing schedule must be established. And MOST importantly do not soak are allow to air dry.  Soaking and air drying allow for harmful dishwashing chemicals to breakdown barrier and will lead to rust.

In silver plated ? flatware, surface discolorations can be caused by silver sulfer deposits.

In stainless steel, buildup of foreign material such as food soils or hard water deposits can cause a black, blue, or grey discoloration.

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Encore – Why should I use Encore plastics drinkware?

ENCORE drinkware is a step up in presentation from other plastic tumblers. Designed to emulate glassware in look and feel, they look like glassware but wear like plastic. Improved scratch resistance over other plastics including polycarbonate. Engineered for commercial use rather than most plastics, which are made for home use. Made in the USA and manufactured from FDA approved plastic resin. ENCORE drinkware reduces your operating costs while creating quality in image and presentation.

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Encore – How long does the Encore Plastics really last?

ENCORE drinkware is designed for commercial use. Since they do not break as easily as glassware, they last longer and are more economical than disposables. When glass breaks, you know when to replace it. With plastic you replace it as it wear out. Expect plastic to last 3 to 4 times longer than your current glassware.

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Encore – Does the Encore Plastics scratch easy?

As with all things, plastic drinkware wears out and scratching is part of the wear process. ENCORE drinkware is made of a high-grade polymer which has a harder surface than most other plastics. This harder surface resists scratching better. Customers who were unhappy with other plastics are pleased with ENCORE drinkware.

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Encore – Can Encore Plastics be washed in commercial dishwashers?

Unlike some other plastic products sold for home use, ENCORE drinkware is safe for use in commercial dishwashers. Their drinkware has been tested with Ecolabs and Auto Chlor Systems, as well as other commercial dishwashing systems. Use them in the bar brush systems too, including automatic brush systems. Note: Be sure you have the proper detergent to water ratio per the manufacturer instructions

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