Features and Benefits:

  • STRONG, REINFORCED WALLS Stiffening provides mechanical strength while still producing a pleasing, audible ping.
  • OPTICAL PURITY Maintains its integrity even after 2,000 washings in professional-grade dishwashers.
  • BEADLESS EDGE Get high definition and durability with our exclusive HD2 rim.
  • PURELY RADIANT SHINE Our ClearFire™ glass is free from all potentially harmful metal oxides.
  • GRACEFUL STEM AND FOOT Designed for stability and beauty.
  • MADE IN USA by America’s Glassmaker™ Craftsmanship and world-class innovation culminate for exquisite presentations and superior service life

This new Master’s Reserve® pattern is specifically engineered for strength and performance. Fired using our newest energyefficient, oxygen-fueled process – demonstrates our commitment to sustainability giving you reliable performance that can help decrease replacement costs for you. And, Contour’s innovative design demonstrates its ability to withstand even the most demanding hospitality environment

To order Samples or place an Order use #s below

9231 – 12 oz wine Replaces Briossa No.7519SR
9233 – 16 oz wine Replaces Briossa No. 7510SR
9235 – 18.75 oz wine Replaces Briossa No. 7555SR
9234 – 22 oz wine Replaces Briossa No. 7521SR
9154 – 18 oz balloon Replaces Briossa No. 7522SR
9230 – 17 oz wine Replaces Briossa No.7553SR
9232 – 18 oz wine Replaces Briossa No. 7520SR
9150 – 10.5 oz wine Replaces Briossa No. 7531SR
9151 – 12 oz wine Replaces Briossa No. 7556SR
9152 – 16 oz wine Replaces Briossa No. 7557SR
9153 – 19.75 oz wine Replaces Briossa No. 7558SR
9176 – 6.5 oz Wine taster
9155 – 13.5 oz goblet
9156 – 16 oz goblet
9157 – 6 oz flute
9236 – 8 oz flute Replaces Briossa No. 7500SR (but NOT same Shape)
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