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Libbey on Vimeo


Libbey Signature is Now Called Masters Reserve - check it out here Libbey Signature is Now Called Masters Reserve - check it out here Follow Libbey on Vimeo @ https://vimeo.com/libbey

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Perfect Serve


Features: Special cut decoration creates a unique light refraction, perfectly showcasing the drink Platinum Glass technology increases durability, reducing operator replacement glassware cost Independently verified to resist scratching, markings, loss of brilliance or change in color after 1,500 dishwasher cycles Insights & Solutions: Designed by internationally award-winning mixologist Stephan Hinz, Perfect [...]

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Spiegelau and Nachtmann


Libbey Foodservice is proud to introduce its latest upscale glassware offerings as the exclusive U.S. distributor of Spiegelau and Nachtmann – offering foodservice professionals the perfect balance of design, quality and affordability – when only the most elegant glassware feels right. Known for its fine stemware and considered the “The Class of Glass,” Spiegelau created the ideal wine [...]

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American Wheat Beer Glass


Features and Benefits: Developed specifically for American wheat beers in collaboration with Bell’s Brewery Large bowl harnesses and retains the delicate aromas of wheat beer Mouth opening delivers beer evenly across the palate to enhance mouth feel and harmony of sweetness and acidity Platinum Glass technology increases durability, reducing operator replacement glassware cost Independently verified to resist scratching, markings, loss of brilliance or change in color after 1,500 [...]

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Libbey Duratuff – the safer choice! (video)


This 2-minute video quickly demonstrates the differences between using Libbey DuraTuff glassware versus fully-tempered glassware in a foodservice environment. How a glass breaks should be considered when choosing barware for any foodservice operation.

Libbey Duratuff – the safer choice! (video)2016-11-19T10:58:36+00:00