1924 Cocktails


A vintage year for glass design Features and Benefits: • Safedge Rim Lifetime Guarantee • Distinctive stem, embossed footplate and original bowl design that gracefully opens out to let your lips rest on the elegant rim • Enhances the taste experience • Epitomize everything that make cocktails so loved • Bygone-age sophistication coupled with an openness to [...]

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We offer a large variety of tabletop accessories to meet all your needs.  From Salt and pepper shakers, ashtrays, votives, vases to large jars to dispense your signature cocktail. To order Samples or [...]

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To order Samples or place an Order use #s below Water Bottle w/Wire Bail Lid No. 13151017 12 oz Water Bottle w/Wire Bail Lid No. 13150020 33 7⁄8 oz Water Bottle w/Red Wire Bail Lid No. 13150035  33 7⁄8 oz Water Bottle w/Clear Wire [...]




Features: A Variety of stems and stemless options to choose from A Variety of Sizes to choose from Most with Chip resistant rims for added durability with a Rim chippage guarantee To order Samples or place an Order use #s below Citation [...]

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HAND-MADE PITCHERS These items are hand-made. As such, some small bubbles and other dimensional variations will be present. These variations are inherent in the art of hand-made glassware and should not be seen as defective. The capacities are noted as minimum-ounce capacities and could vary upward considerably. They should not be used as a [...]


Misc Tumblers / Rocks


To order Samples or place an Order use #s below Room Tumbler No. 494 • 10 oz   Room Tumbler No. 135 • 8 oz Side Water No. 5134 4 oz   Old Fashioned No. 5130 5 oz Old Fashioned No. 5131 4 oz   Rocks No. [...]

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We have a Large variety of options to fit all your needs. From designer mini stems all the way to the basic shots and heavy duty shots.  Whatever your needs we have a shot to fit you. [...]

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Features: A Variety of stems and stemless options to choose from All with Chip resistant rims for added durability with a Rim chippage guarantee tabletop TIP To prevent excessive loss of carbonation before drinking, champagne should be carefully poured down the side of the flute, rather than straight into the glass. To [...]

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Wine Glass Buying Guide


Light-Bodied Red Wines No. 7522SR shown For these wines with fewer tannins and subtler flavor, a large bowl and wide mouth allow the wine to breathe, enhancing delicate flavors. Pair with Beaujolais, Pinot Noir, Sangiovese, Cabernet Franc Full and Medium-Bodied Red Wines No. 7521SR shown These have the highest tannins resulting in complex [...]

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Premium  glassware perfect for the rapidly growing craft and premium spirits market • Spirits o Rounded design with heavy base perfect for swirling “neat” drinks o Glass narrows at the top to enhance aromas • Aromé o Large surface area to evaporate the spirit, enhancing complex aromas o Narrow top funnels aromas [...]

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Features and Benefits: • Graceful design is easy to hold • Thick sham adds stability in service • Heat treated for increased durability and longer service life • Four sizes provide coordinated beverage presentation • Safedge® Rim Lifetime Guarantee To receive a special discount on other sizes in this line you must pre-order by pallet. [...]


Farmhouse Plates/Trays


Features & Benefits: • Sizing allows versatility for use as platters or entrée plates • Hand decorated rim for added authenticity • Unleaded, rock-hard glaze to reduce scratching and operating costs • Fully vitrified to prevent moisture and odor absorption, increasing service life • Back stamp with item number for easy identification and increased re-order accuracy • [...]

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Taco Trays


Introducing Taco Trays with multiple compartments in two more sizes from World tableware! Made with lightweight, satin finish stainless steel, these two new taco trays can hold one or two, or four or five tacos respectively. The satin finish helps hide fingerprints, and the light weight makes transporting them easier for servers. Great for hot dogs [...]

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Features and Benefits: • Developed specifically for stout with Left Hand Brewing Company and Rogue Ales • Accentuates roasted malt, rich coffee and chocolate notes of the stout beer style • Angular shape and open base creates a visual cascading effect when the beer is poured • Platinum Glass technology increases durability, reducing operator replacement glassware cost • Independently verified [...]


Wheat Beer


Features and Benefits: Safedge® Rim Lifetime Guarantee Wide base for maximum stability in service Graceful contour that is very comfortable to hold Curved design perfect for highlighting craft beer service Rounded top perfectly accommodates the fluffy head of foam Excellent opportunity to differentiate craft beers from lower priced domestic light lagers Differentiate your craft beer service and maximize profits from the booming craft [...]

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Libbey Spiegelau & Nachtmann Features & Benefits (video)


Libbey Foodservice is proud to introduce its latest upscale glassware offerings as the exclusive U.S. distributor of Spiegelau and Nachtmann – offering foodservice professionals the perfect balance of design, quality and affordability – when only the most elegant glassware feels right. Known for its fine stemware and considered the “The Class of Glass,” Spiegelau created the ideal wine glass [...]

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Libbey Recommends


These are just recommendations.  You know what’s best for your location. https://southwestglassware.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/libbey-reccomends.pdf

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Personal Chafer Dishes


Introducing Personal Chafer Dishes in four sizes from World Tableware! Unique stainless steel, miniature chafers that are great for personal-sized foods or shared appetizers and dessert that should stay warm on the table. Each is a set that includes the base, a bowl, and a handled lid (with a large knob that serves as a pedestal for the [...]

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Rice Bowls


Introducing Rice Bowls in three different sizes from World Tableware. These lightweight metal rice bowls help keep rice warm which is essential in Korean cuisine. And the 12 oz. Rice bowl even comes with a lid to help maintain the temperature longer. The use of metal in rice bowls dates back many, many centuries, and the desire for [...]

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SYM Espresso


Features & Benefits: • Ultra-bright white body color works perfectly with all existing Slate and Chef’s Selection items • Fully vitrified to prevent moisture and odor absorption, increasing service life • Back stamp with item number for easy identification and increased re-order accuracy • Ideal for Casual venues or Bistro ‘s

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