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We offer a large variety of tabletop accessories to meet all your needs.  From Salt and pepper shakers, ashtrays, votives, vases to large jars to dispense your signature cocktail. To order Samples or [...]

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Features: A Variety of stems and stemless options to choose from A Variety of Sizes to choose from Most with Chip resistant rims for added durability with a Rim chippage guarantee To order Samples or place an Order use #s below Citation [...]

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To order Samples or place an Order use #s below Water Bottle w/Wire Bail Lid No. 13151017 12 oz   Water Bottle w/Wire Bail Lid No. 13150020 33 7⁄8 oz   Glacier Bottle w/Clear Lid No. 13150120 33 7⁄8 oz   Kinetix Water Bottle w/Metal Lid No. 92169 22 [...]

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tabletop TIP Thermal shock, taking a cold glass and pouring a hot beverage into it, can damage glassware. It is recommended to pre-heat the glassware before adding a steaming hot beverage. To order Samples or place an Order use #s below Mug No. 5201 10 oz   [...]

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HAND-MADE PITCHERS These items are hand-made. As such, some small bubbles and other dimensional variations will be present. These variations are inherent in the art of hand-made glassware and should not be seen as defective. The capacities are noted as minimum-ounce capacities and could vary upward considerably. They should not be used as a [...]

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Misc Tumblers / Rocks


To order Samples or place an Order use #s below Room Tumbler No. 494 • 10 oz   Room Tumbler No. 135 • 8 oz Side Water No. 5134 4 oz   Old Fashioned No. 5130 5 oz Old Fashioned No. 5131 4 oz   Rocks No. [...]

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We have a Large variety of options to fit all your needs. From designer mini stems all the way to the basic shots and heavy duty shots.  Whatever your needs we have a shot to fit you. [...]

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Features: A Variety of stems and stemless options to choose from All with Chip resistant rims for added durability with a Rim chippage guarantee tabletop TIP To prevent excessive loss of carbonation before drinking, champagne should be carefully poured down the side of the flute, rather than straight into the glass. To [...]

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VINTAGE MEETS MODERN DAY profitability Today’s golden cocktail age gleams with originality and commands top dollar. The look of rich cut tumblers and barware etch into mixologists’ minds the spirited history shaken into each cocktail − but make no mistake − the experience creates business opportunities. Features & Benefits: • On-trend vintage cut glass look inspired by [...]

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Features & Benefits: Carats Rocks and Beverage • Retro-inspired cut glass look • Heavy weight increases perceived value of the cocktail Carats Stirring Glass • Retro-inspired cut glass look • Large 25¼ oz. capacity accommodates two cocktails at once • Functional grip and pour spout • Fits standard size strainers Cocktail Stirring Glass [...]

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Features: Chip resistant rim and Foot for added durability A lifetime Rim chippage guarantee Very Durable for stemware Features a classic design with a thicker more durable  stem By far one of our largest lines that pairs perfectly with lines like the perception and teardrop. To order Samples [...]

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Features: Includes a thick stem and wide base Chip-resistant rim and foot Features a fine, yet durable rim with a lifetime chippage guarantee Unique cobalt blue appearance adds color to your table setting To order Samples or place an Order use #s below Premiére Goblet No. 4111SRB/UPC00 113⁄4 oz [...]

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Traex Racks


Traex has built a reputation a reputation in quality smallwares – foodservice support products designed for improved efficiency and value like Rack Max and Rack Master warewashing systems. You can Download Catalog or View online below  (on mobile devices just zoom in with your fingers to see item #s in crystal clarity) https://southwestglassware.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/traex.pdf

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Vollrath Smallwares


Whether you need stainless steel or aluminum cookware, Vollrath company has the largest selection of food equipment. Vollrath - setting the standard.

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