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Below is any pages that have been recently updated with dates of updates Circa- From Masters Reserve 8/10/18 Added new glasses and updated pics Infinium Plastics 8/10/18 Added new glasses and updated pics Libbey Glassware 8/10/18 Updated catalogs Renaissance- From Masters Reserve [...]

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World Tableware


WTI designs, produces, and distributes fine ceramic dinnerware products at super competitive pricing.  The ceramic dinnerware collection includes classic undecorated patterns, colored glazes, tasteful decorations,ovenware, and more!  AND NOW WITH A 5 YEAR CHIPPAGE GUARANTEE. You can Download Catalog or View online below (on mobile devices just zoom in with your fingers to see item #s [...]

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Popular Flatware


At Southwest Glassware we stock Libbey’s most popular flatware lines. Because we buy such large quantities of the lines we stock, we have THE BEST pricing.   We will also stock limited quantities of other select lines of more unique and low-volume items for our customers. To view larger picture just click on image you wish to view :) [...]

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