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Libbey Glass


    Browse by Category Wine Flutes & Champagnes Martinis, Coupes, Specialty & Misc Items Margaritas Shooters & Specialty Shots Plastics Beer Rocks & Beverage Brandy, Sherry & Cordials Desserts Warm Beverage Bowls & Plates Tabletop Accessories Carafes, Decanters, Pitchers, Jars, & Barrels You can Download Catalog or [...]

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Master’s Reserve


Master’s Reserve is the culmination of a fierce, focused passion: To push the ingenuity of America’s Glassmaker™ beyond world-class. See the elegant qualities of Master’s Reserve, available in four patterns. The Renaissance,  Prism, Rivere and Symmerty. View Masters Reserve Catalog Renaissance Renaissance Stemless  [...]

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Spiegelau and Nachtmann


Libbey Foodservice is proud to introduce its latest upscale glassware offerings as the exclusive U.S. distributor of Spiegelau and Nachtmann – offering foodservice professionals the perfect balance of design, quality and affordability – when only the most elegant glassware feels right. Known for its fine stemware and considered the “The Class of Glass,” Spiegelau created the ideal wine [...]

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Orion Glassware


Orion offers a variety Hand blown glassware and unique and functional stainless steel products.  Orion Trading & Design is a local Arizona company offering great original tableware designs for restaurants, hotels, bars and the hospitality industry. From around the world, Orion brings the finest handcrafted tableware for hotels, restaurants and the food service industry.  With [...]

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World Tableware


WTI designs, produces, and distributes fine ceramic dinnerware products at super competitive pricing.  The ceramic dinnerware collection includes classic undecorated patterns, colored glazes, tasteful decorations,ovenware, and more!  AND NOW WITH A 5 YEAR CHIPPAGE GUARANTEE. You can Download Catalog or View online below (on mobile devices just zoom in with your fingers to see item #s [...]

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Popular Flatware


At Southwest Glassware we stock Libbey’s most popular flatware lines. Because we buy such large quantities of the lines we stock, we have THE BEST pricing.   We will also stock limited quantities of other select lines of more unique and low-volume items for our customers. To view larger picture just click on image you wish to view :) [...]

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Infinium Premium Plastic


Libbey® Foodservice is proud to introduce Infinium™ premium plastic drinkware. Made of 100% BPA-free Tritan™ copolyester, Infinium mimics the clarity of glass and is virtually unbreakable. Infinium provides the kind of replacement-reducing, stress-relieving performance other plastics simply cannot match: Tough – highly resistant to impacts, cracking, crazing and shattering Dishwasher [...]

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Strahl Reusable High End Plastics


Strahl Plastic is the highest quality plastic we have ever seen at Southwest Glassware.  It looks just like glassware and is extreemly durable.   You can Download Catalog or View online below (on mobile devices just zoom in with your fingers to see item #s in crystal clarity)

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Encore Reusable Plastics


Glass Breakage is gone forever – along with frequent replacement costs and high potential liability. Plastic never shatters like glass, making clean-up easier and faster without any danger of lacerations or contamination from glass chips   You can Download Catalog or View online below (on mobile devices just zoom in with your fingers to see [...]

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New Catalog Viewer


Hi Everyone, So I am testing out a new catalog viewer that allows for a lot more search-ability and options in general.  I loved that I was the first person to have mobile friendly little tiny Libbey catalogs.  But I hated that you could not jump to a page or search with the name of [...]

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Traex Racks


Traex has built a reputation a reputation in quality smallwares – foodservice support products designed for improved efficiency and value like Rack Max and Rack Master warewashing systems. You can Download Catalog or View online below  (on mobile devices just zoom in with your fingers to see item #s in crystal clarity)

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Vollrath Smallwares


Whether you need stainless steel or aluminum cookware, Vollrath company has the largest selection of food equipment. Vollrath - setting the standard.

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Dart DisposablePlastics


Dart is a definite leader in high quality disposable plastics.  They manufacture both translucent and Clear plastics disposable cups with a large variety of sizes to choose from. You can Download Catalog or View online below(on mobile devices just zoom in with your fingers to see item #s in crystal clarity)

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