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Profile Beer


Features and Benefits: • 131⁄2 oz. for draft and bottle service, 191⁄4 oz. for large draft service • Unique geometric shape is very comfortable to hold • Top tapers inward capturing aromas • Designs excellent for IPA, Pale Ale, Session Beers • Craft beer is 24% of the market in sales dollars. Guests seek different experience than mainstream lager drinkers [...]

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Below is any pages that have been recently updated with dates of updates Circa- From Masters Reserve 8/10/18 Added new glasses and updated pics Infinium Plastics 8/10/18 Added new glasses and updated pics Libbey Glassware 8/10/18 Updated catalogs Renaissance- From Masters Reserve [...]

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Master’s Acura


An elegant visual cue on each glass makes it easy to standardize pour amounts, controlling costs and maximizing profits To order samples use #s below Prism Pour Control No. 9323/U224A 16 oz Prism Pour Control No. 9323/U225A 16 oz Renaissance Pour Control No. 9123/U223A 16 [...]

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A New Life FOR EVERY BOTTLE Wine bottles are repurposed and transformed into these chic tumblers, offering one-of-a-kind character. The tumblers come in four earthy colors for enhancing the personality and charm of your beverage service To order Samples or place an Order use #s below [...]


1924 Cocktails


A vintage year for glass design Features and Benefits: • Safedge Rim Lifetime Guarantee • Distinctive stem, embossed footplate and original bowl design that gracefully opens out to let your lips rest on the elegant rim • Enhances the taste experience • Epitomize everything that make cocktails so loved • Bygone-age sophistication coupled with an openness to [...]

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Circa Cocktails - BRAND NEW Luxury cocktail stemware Features and Benefits: • Vintage designs reminiscent of the 1930’s • Reduced capacities provides profit per serving opportunity • Supports growth of super-premium spirits • Maintains its integrity even after 2,000 washings in professional-grade dishwashers. • HD2 Rim + Foot Lifetime Guarantee • ClearFireTM glass composition [...]


Nachtmann Palais


Palais. Absolutely decadent. The opulent decorative cut accentuates the brilliance of the crystalline glass to full effect. • Brilliant and clear crystalline • Certified environmentally friendly • Heightened fracture-resistance • 100% dishwasher safe • Stemware adds elegance to every cocktail and wine • Substantial hand feel of the long drink and Old Fashion exudes luxury [...]

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Nachtmann Punk


The latest barware look from Nachtmann celebrates PUNK!  Features and Benefits:  Brilliant and clear crystalline Shatters the classic idea of crystal Whisky, Longdrink and Cocktail provide coordinated beverage presentation Platinum Glass technology increases durability, reducing operator replacement glassware cost Independently verified to resist scratching, markings, loss of brilliance or change in color after 1,500 dishwasher cycles [...]

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Libbey on Vimeo


Libbey Signature is Now Called Masters Reserve - check it out here Libbey Signature is Now Called Masters Reserve - check it out here Follow Libbey on Vimeo @ https://vimeo.com/libbey

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Melamine Tasting Flights


Features and Benefits: • Melamine tasting flights are dishwasher safe • Hole in the handle for easy hanging storage or promotional display • Raised handle for easy grip • Available in your choice of black or cherry wood look • Deep wells for stable transport to the table • Innovative numbered wells to create custom [...]

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Kentucky Bourbon Trail®Tasting Glass


The Official tasting Glass of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail® Embracing a great American Tradition • The Kentucky Bourbon Trail was formed in 1999 to educate visitors on the art and science of crafting bourbon and its rich history • Ten member distilleries • Record 1 million visitors in 2016 • Glass designed in partnership with the [...]

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Stacking Craft Beer


Features and Benefits: • The glass makes a difference: differentiated beer presentation will drive profits • Perfect for Nitro beers • Flared top supports the head • Stackable to reduce storage space • Safedge Rim Lifetime Guarantee® To order Samples or place an Order use #s below Stacking Craft Beer 16.75 [...]

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Wake Premium plastic drinkware


The new Infinium WakeTM pattern features a unique organic texture that accentuates creative drink presentations, while also hiding scratches that may occur. Includes notches on the bottom to optimize water drainage and prevent pooling. Infinium® mimics the clarity of glass and is virtually unbreakable • 100% BPA-Free Tritan™ copolyester • Stackable for the utmost space efficiency and convenient storage • [...]

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Spiegelau make a unique presentation for any number of beverages from wine to water. They are a bit more expensive then Libbey (view here) or Masters Reserve Carafes & Decanters To order Samples or place an Order use #s below Toscana Decanter No. 7430059 50 3⁄4 oz [...]

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Features and Benefits: STRONG, REINFORCED WALLS Stiffening provides mechanical strength while still producing a pleasing, audible ping. OPTICAL PURITY Maintains its integrity even after 2,000 washings in professional-grade dishwashers. BEADLESS EDGE Get high definition and durability with our exclusive HD2 rim. PURELY RADIANT SHINE Our ClearFire™ glass is free from all potentially harmful [...]




Features and Benefits: BEADLESS EDGE Get high definition and durability with our exclusive HD2 rim with lifetime rim chippage gaurantee PURELY RADIANT SHINE Our ClearFire glass is free from potentially harmful heavy metal oxides. STRONG, REINFORCED WALLS Stiffening provides mechanical strength while still producing a pleasing, audible ping. SUBSTANTIAL. YET GRACEFUL CURVED STEM AND FOOT Designed for stability, beauty and foot durability. [...]


Perfect Serve


Features: Special cut decoration creates a unique light refraction, perfectly showcasing the drink Platinum Glass technology increases durability, reducing operator replacement glassware cost Independently verified to resist scratching, markings, loss of brilliance or change in color after 1,500 dishwasher cycles Insights & Solutions: Designed by internationally award-winning mixologist Stephan Hinz, Perfect [...]

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Features and Benefits: •Coordinated stemware line including cocktail glassware •ClearFire™ glass for maximum clarity and brilliance •HD2 Rim – High Definition and High Durability •Seam-free glassware provides elevated presentation and foodservice performance •Carefully designed with impeccable balance •Refined flat foot design for exquisite beverage presentations •Made in the USA •HD2 Rim and Foot Lifetime [...]




Features: Reinforced side walls for increased durability and reduced replacement cost Complete barware line for coordinated beverage presentation HD2 Rim – High Definition and High Durability beadless rim Master’s Reserve laser logo on the bottom of each glass Thick glass bottoms enhance perceived value at the table ClearFireTM glass for maximum clarity and brilliance [...]




Features and Benefits: • Contemporary design elevates beverage presentation • Graceful curve is comfortable to hold • Thick glass bottoms for maximum perceived value • ClearFireTM glass for maximum clarity and brilliance • Precise HD2 Rim – High Definition and High Durability • HD2 Rim Lifetime Guarantee • Made in the USA [...]