1924 Cocktails

//1924 Cocktails

1924 Cocktails

A vintage year for glass design

Features and Benefits:
Safedge Rim Lifetime Guarantee
Distinctive stem, embossed footplate and original bowl design that gracefully opens out to let your lips rest on the elegant rim
Enhances the taste experience
Epitomize everything that make cocktails so loved
Bygone-age sophistication coupled with an openness to forward-looking trends

The new 1924 Libbey Vintage stemware range fuses jazz-age flair with exciting new cocktail trends. The design is based on Richard Zijlstra’s ingenious Glassology® food pairing concept, which lets you rest a stylish spoon on the rim of the coupe.

Richard and Libbey have together modernized the original coupe design by legendary Royal Leerdam designer, A.D. Copier, which coincidentally once had pride of place in Richard’s own grandmother’s display cabinet. We’ve also added two new glasses to the range, which consists of the Coupe, a Cocktail/Wine glass and a Gin & Tonic glass. The spoon and the Gin & Tonic glass will be launched later this year.

To order Samples or place an Order use #s below

503005 – 8.5 oz Wine/Cocktail

502008 – 20.75 oz  Gin & Tonic

501407 – 8.25 oz Coupe

501308 – 4.75 oz Coupe

505054 – 4.75 oz Wine/ Cocktail

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